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Text Box: The Burgos Group Consulting
Miami Florida  33133
Phone:  (786) 208-1710
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Text Box: Overview
The Burgos Groupís tenet of personal attention is not limited to within our office doors. Good citizenship is practiced through a wide range of civic and community support.
We recognize the goal of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.  Furthermore, through a CSR businesses can proactively promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development, and voluntarily eliminating practices that detract and inhibit progress, regardless of legality.  The Burgos Groupís initiative for CSR is purposefully designed to benefit the people we interact with and the environment in which we live.
The Burgos Groupís Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is designed to integrate social and environmental concerns into business operations and in the interaction with stakeholders on a voluntary basis.  We, as an enterprise have embraced the need to go beyond minimum legal requirements and obligations stemming from collective agreements in order to address societal needs.  Through CSR, in cooperation with our stakeholders, we can help to reconcile economic, social and environmental ambitions.  CSR has become an increasingly important concept both locally and globally, and is part of the debate about expansion, competitiveness and sustainability. The promotion of CSR reflects the need to defend common values and increase the sense of solidarity and cohesion.
CSR practices are not a panacea and cannot on their own be expected to deliver these outcomes.  They are not a substitute for public policy, but they can contribute to a number of public policy objectives, such as:
More integrated labor markets and higher levels of social inclusion, as enterprises actively seek to recruit more people from disadvantaged groups;
Investment in skills development, life-long learning and employability, which are needed to remain competitive in the global knowledge economy and to cope with the ageing of the working population;
Improvements in public health, as a result of voluntary initiatives by enterprises in areas such as the marketing and labeling of food and non-toxic chemicals;
Better innovation performance, especially with regard to innovations that address societal problems, as a result of more intensive interaction with external stakeholders and the creation of working environments more conducive to innovation;
A more rational use of natural resources and reduced levels of pollution, notably thanks to investments in eco-innovation and to the voluntary adoption of environmental management systems and labeling;
A more positive image of business and entrepreneurs in society, potentially helping to cultivate more favorable attitudes towards entrepreneurship;
Greater respect for human rights, environmental protection and core labor standards;
Poverty reduction and progress towards regional development goals.
We feel a strong responsibility to foster the vitality of the places where we work and live, and to promote the well being of people in our communities. The Burgos Group, as a firm and as individual employees, actively supports the efforts of numerous organizations, many of which focus on children and their families, and the critical issues facing them. We give assistance to educational institutions, social service agencies, civic associations, health agencies and cultural organizations. 
The Burgos Group