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Text Box: Many companies find themselves in situations when they neither have the time nor the luxury to replace key members of their management staff who for a varied number of reasons have left the organization.  This leaves organizations exposed with a critical vacuum to be filled, often at inopportune times.  With over 30 years in the Banking and Finance Industry, we are prepared to facilitate this transition in leadership by providing experienced, senior level executives at a moments’ notice.

Executive departures are seldom easy, and the resulting transitions are critical events in the lifecycles of organizations. It is important not to underestimate the challenge that this change is likely to create for the staff, board, members, and clients.  While an executive's departure is challenging, we advise our clients to perceive and accept it also as an opportunity for the organization to review their position and recognize key elements of vision for their organization, e.g.:

Where the organization is at present,
Where it wants to go in the future, and
What skills and attributes the incumbent needs to help the organization reach that desired future.

Replacing an executive is expensive and time consuming, and the downside risks of failure are significant. Too often, organizations are not ready to undertake a search immediately because:

The board is not clear about what it wants or needs in a new executive;
The organization's operations are not up to par;
Issues regarding the outgoing executive's departure are unresolved;
The organization had a long-term "founder" executive; or
The outgoing executive gave short notice of departure;

Depending on the organization and the search consultant, an executive search can take upwards from 6 to 12 months to complete, which is a significant length of time for the organization to be without executive leadership. This is neither practical nor acceptable.  Engaging a professional interim executive gives the board of directors the time to conduct its search process in a reflective mode, and the peace of mind that the organization will be well managed during the transition period. Our objective is to facilitate the organizations’ transition to the management style of the incumbent.

Organizations that use the time between the announcement of an executive departure and the arrival of the incoming or successor executive wisely end up with a better run organization and a greater likelihood of success for the successor executive.  The interim period is a time to address unresolved personnel issues whether they are developmental, training, or mentoring in nature.

At times, The Burgos Group has been selected to fill gaps from management to line positions, such as in the following when circumstances have been most urgent and demand the infusion of individuals that can make an immediate impact towards stabilization and continuity.  During critical times of change in leadership, nothing contributes more towards restoring shareholders and employees confidence than Planning and Change Management through the acquisition of professionals that can immediately demonstrate leadership when and where it matters most.
As companies continue to face challenges to succeeding in a globally integrated world, they look to the workforce to help differentiate themselves from their competition.  At the Burgos Group, we specialize in the facilitation of Transition Management.
We take pride in our ability to provide professional guidance in key areas such as in the following:
Executive Management
Senior Level Management
Chief Financial Officer
Accounting Manager
Finance Manager
Senior Financial Analyst
Project Manager
IT Operations Management
Operations Management
Our professional interim executives provide both management excellence and skill in planning and implementing organizational change. As professional interim executives, we enter the organization with "fresh eyes."

Our professional interim executives are objective in their approach and focused on accomplishing our transition goals and are solely motivated to deliver a successful outcome to our contracted assignment.  Our professional interim executives are ready to serve in executive-level positions throughout the United States. On average, our executives have 25 years of experience and, thus, bring a wealth of executive experience to their engagements.

We take pride in our ability to provide professional guidance in key areas such as in the following:
Interim Bridge Services and Transition Management
Change Management


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“Leaders are most vulnerable in their first few months in a new position because they lack detailed knowledge of the challenges they will face and what it will take to succeed in meeting them; they also have not yet developed a network of relationships to sustain them. Failure to create momentum during the first few months virtually guarantees an uphill battle for the rest of your tenure in the job."       Michael Watkins, Harvard Business School