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Company's Potential

The Boutique Consulting Firm
That Delivers Results

At The Burgos Group, we specialize in helping organizations improve their performance, maintain or regain stability, and achieve their goals.


Our team of experienced consultants will work with you every step of the way to create a bespoke solution capable of growing and adapting with your business needs.



BG TURNED 20 IN 2023!

We know, we don't look a day over 19...

Last year, we celebrated our 20th anniversary.


In June 2003, George Burgos launched The Burgos Group as a Professional Services firm, primarily offering Audit & Assurance and Advisory services. However, that soon expanded to include other services in Management Consulting, Financial and Regulatory Compliance Remediation, and Taxation. By 2010, the business expanded again to include Strategic Consulting, and Corporate Communications. As technology and industry needs have evolved and expanded, so has The Burgos Group and its list of services. The core team is comprised of three professionals spanning the worlds of Finance, Technology, Media, Multimedia, Education, and Healthcare. Moreover, The Burgos group has expanded to 6 locations across the United States, serving clients in the US, Europe, and South America.


As we enter 2024, the future appears even brighter. The Burgos Group will be launching new initiatives, and the team will grow and expand into more locations across the United States and Europe.


Thanks to our clients and partners who have worked with us all these years and who continue to support us. Here’s to many more successful years!

financial services

Looking for expert advice on money matters? We have a full suite of services including banking, wealth management, investing, and accounting.

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